We collect and analyse data to produce locally sourced, independent analysis of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine


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ACAPS has been collecting open source data on damage and access incidents since April 2022. The data collected so far should not be considered representative of all damage and access incidents reported in Ukraine since 24 February 2022 and is limited to publicly available information. We continue to gather data to further develop the dashboard and we welcome all feedback and suggestions for additional sources or areas that require additional investigation. 

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About the Ukraine Analysis Hub

The ACAPS Ukraine Analysis Hub aims to provide regular updates on the humanitarian needs and access situation in Ukraine.

We collect and analyse available data to produce reports and datasets that allow for a comparison of the humanitarian situation at the subnational level to support crisis response.

We depend on a solid network of civil society partners to ensure that our analysis is shaped by local experts and provides an in-depth understanding of local dynamics in Ukraine.


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We continue building the datasets and adding new data sources. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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